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• 1/9/2016

Elemental Attribute of Equipment

I understand that certain types of armour (such as the 'Ignition Mail') give elemental attributes which reduce the damage of attacks which have the same element but receive more damage from attacks of the opposing element.

What I want to know is: Do some accessories (such as the 'Flaming Tomoe Ring') have the same issue of elemental weaknesses?

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• 1/10/2016

Not sure, I just tested at Chapter 10, Quest 4 and surprisingly, I didn't see any difference of damage received between Flame Field and Ice Strike despite wearing Frozen Bracelet / Glacial Necklace.

Monique 463 M.Def (Ruler Sword, Phantom Mail, Titanic Bracelet [Earth]) vs Monique 463 M.Def (Same,same Frozen Bracelet [Water]) = No difference from damage received. - 90 Damage from Flame Field, 90 Damage from Ice Strike

Tina 536 M.Def (Reduce Necklace) vs Tina 536 M.Def (Glacial Necklace [Water]) = No difference from damage received. - 35 Damage from Flame Field, 35 Damage from Ice Strike

Maybe the defense was too high for resistance/weakness modifier to apply? (Which sounds absurd lol)

• 1/11/2016
It would be nice if we can know for sure.
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