Note: Monique's lines are what's being used.

Just a page to try and figure out which voice IDs correspond with each game event. Currently missing v016, v017, and v018. Translations are likely not 100% accurate.

Voice Line ID Event (or quote if event unknown) Sound
v001 Secretary (Greeting)
Monique v001
v002 Employee Hired (From Folder)
Monique v002
v003 Secretary (Return From Quest)
Monique v003

Secretary (Click2)

Monique v004
v005 Secretary (Idle)
Monique v005
v006 Attack (Basic)
Monique v006
v007/v107 Critical Hit / (v107 = Magic Attack)
Monique v007
v008 Injured (Below 50% HP)
Monique v008
v009 Dodged Attack
Monique v009
v010 K.O. & Scrap(Dismiss?)
Monique v010
v011 Battle Victory
Monique v011
v012 Level Up
Monique v012
v013 Class Up
Monique v013
v014 Start Quest
Monique v014
v015 Secretary (Click1)
Monique v015
v016 Roughly translates to:  President, you don't know my ability... (I couldn't really decipher what she said past [shiranai.] save for bits and pieces.)
Monique v016
v017 Translation: This would be of use. 
Monique v017
v018 Translation: Do-... Don't do it. (Can't do it?)
Monique v018
v019 Join Formation / Assigned to Facility
Monique v019
v020 Catalog Intro (Also plays when employee is found as a quest drop)
Monique v020

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