In this section accessible from the CEO Office, you can select up to 5 Employees to form a party for Battles (Quests). You can create multiple parties, but you can't place the same Employee in multiple parties. By clicking the numbered flags at the top of the screen, you can choose different parties to configure and save for each use. You can have a maximum of 6 parties at your disposal and you start the game with 2 parties. The rest of them can be obtained by purchasing them with Employee Stones at your Headquarters in the Facilities area (3 parties for a total of 350 Employee Stones) and at the Exchange Center tab from the Shop section with Battlefield Coins (1 party for 40,000 Battlefield Coins). By selecting an Employee from the list on the right and selecting the place in the formation you want them to go, you can place Employees in your battle formation. Also, you can't place employees who have been assigned to Facilities in parties.

Battle Rows Edit

There are two rows, front and back. The row an employee is placed in determines which of their two Skills they will use (shown on their statistics block as "Frontline Skill" and "Backline Skill"). For example, Cleric employees will use a healing ability if placed in the back row and a melee attack if placed in the front row. The exact skills are determined by the Equipment the Employee is using.

Employees placed at the back row will take a reduced amount of damage. However, this will not take effect if there are no characters in front of them on the front line, or if that character is knocked out.

Party LeadersEdit

Each Employee has their own Tactics, which can be viewed by hovering over that Employee's box, and the Employee set as leader will be able to use theirs in battle. By selecting an Employee as the Leader, the entire party will follow that employee's tactics in battle. The leader of your first party will also be placed as a secretary in your CEO Office.

The following are the different types of tactics:

Go for the Leader! Focuses attacks on the enemy leader. Once the leader is down they will attack the other units at random.
Go for the Peppy One! Focuses attacks on the enemy with the most HP remaining.
Go for the Wounded One! Focuses attacks on the enemy with the least HP remaining.
Take Down the Tough One! Focuses attacks on the enemy with the highest rank.
Crush the Weaklings! Focuses attacks on the enemy with the lowest rank.
Stop the AoE attacks! Focuses attacks on enemies with area of effect attacks.
Cover the Rear! Focuses attacks on the enemies that target your back line.
Stop their Spells! Focuses attacks on enemies with magic attacks.
Put Down the Healer! Focuses attacks on enemy healers.
Just Go Get 'Em! Completely random attacks on the enemy.

Restrictions Edit

Each party can have up to five employees despite having 6 slots.

Each employee can only be assigned to one party (though duplicates of an employee with the same name can be assigned to different parties).

Employees assigned to a facility can not be placed in a battle party.

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