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Next Maintenance: Nov 28, 14:00 JST until 16:00 JST

Weekly Maintenance: Every Friday 2:00 P.M. JST until 4:00 P.M. JST

Latest UpdateEdit

October 17

17/10/2014 Maintenance

A)System Update:

1)Employee's slot can be purchased with shinestones(5shinestones purchase 5 slot and the limit for puchase is 10)

2)You will be informed if there are mail that not been read.

3)You will be informed if there are any cleared mission.

4)You longer need to check the mission tab to accept the quest it will be done auto now.

5)Number of item drop will be show clearly now at sortie result page.

6)Sort according to rarity is available again in employee pages.

B)Balance Update:

1)New equipment have been added.

2)Class Up Crystal will no longer drop in main quest

3)Gems will less likely to appear.

4)Production material will more likely to appear.

5)Class up Crystal will now drop in daily event quest(Monday~Thursday)

6)Limit of 1☆ employee are lifted again, they are able to reach level 70 now.

7)Bottom route in 5-7 have its difficulty reassigned.

8)Main quest 6 is becoming easier.

9)Food limit is risen by 2000.

10)Reward for daily mission was increase to 1000~1200 Foods.

11)Food is no longer required for building level up.

12)Some tactics of enemy have been changed.


1)Some game guide have been renewed.

D)Bug Fixed:

1)Crashing of display while crafting some equipment have been fixed.

2)Error display of gold box and silver box have been fixed.

3)Resource limit doesn't not goes up when Resource Management Department leveled up from 20 to 21 problem have been fixed.

4)Some sort of problem in battle(?????) have been fixed.

5)Some name of manager's doesn't pop up while been used problem have been fixed.

Previous UpdatesEdit

List of all previous Updates

September 18

  1. Fixed a bug in the tutorial where you cannot click on buttons and other UI fixes
  2. Added skip tutorial function. Tutorial rewards will still be received regardless.
  3. Fixed a specific system error involving secondary quest
  4. The database server has been fine-tuned to prevent connection and session errors,
  5. Fixed a system error involving equipment production.
  6. Fix involving resource regeneration
  7. Servers will open 01:30 AM JST