Summer Festival 2015 Event will start on July 31, 2015 and end on August 21, 2015

  1. There will be three sets of event weapons available
  2. There will be event accessories available
  3. The event equipment costumes are different patterned yukata
  4. There will be an event minigame, a shooting game, to earn the event material [Marbles]
  5. The Event Quest [Street Stall Quest] is available
    1. There are four difficulties available, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Ultra
    2. The Event Recipes drop from the Beginner and Intermediate difficulties
  6. The Event Quest [Scary Test of Courage]
    1. A new quest is added each day from July 31, 2015 to August 7, 2015
    2. This quest has no battles
    3. This quest awards no Gold, EXP, or drops
    4. This quest gives a reward upon the first completion instead
  7. The Event Quest [Midsummer Fireworks Display]
    1. A new quest that is available from using the [Fireworks Ticket]
    2. [Fireworks Ticket] can be obtained from the Exchange Stall and the Target Practice Stall on the events page
    3. After using the [Fireworks Ticket], this quest will be available for 15 minutes
    4. The event limited red yukata recipe is the clear reward
    5. Two new event limited accessory recipes can be found as drops

Event EquipmentEdit


Target PracticeEdit

Spend [Marbles] to shoot targets and win prizes.
Shortbow (ショートボウ) costs 10 Marbles per try.
Japanese Bow [Oowashi] (倭弓「大鷲」) costs 30 Marbles per try and has a higher chance of knocking down the target.
After shooting the bow, regardless of winning, the prizes will change. If you fail to knock down the prize, you receive a candy instead which recovers 10 Food upon use.

Street Stall QuestEdit


Scary Test of CourageEdit

One new quest added each day from July 31, 2015 to August 7, 2015.
The Test of Courage is a dialogue only quest that gives a Sunshine Hammer upon the first completion. A new quest will appear each day and costs 500 Food to start.

Midsummer Fireworks DisplayEdit

A new quest added on August 7, 2015 that is available for 15 minutes when a [Fireworks Ticket] is used. [Fireworks Ticket] can be obtained from the Exchange Stall, or the Target Practice Stall on the events page.
The event limited red yukata equipment is the clear reward. Two new event limited hairpin accessories can be found as drops.