In Takeovers an Employee will take the place of one or more Employees that are retiring from the company.

The Employee that takes over will receive EXP at the cost of some of your gold. The higher the rarity of the retiree, the more EXP you will get, but the retiree and any Items they have equipped will be lost.


Additionally, if the retiree and takeover candidate are the same character, they will be "awakened" and receive status and HP bonuses. Awakening gives you additional bonuses separate from Class UP, but can only be performed the number of times of a character's "Awakening Rank". This number may increase when you perform a Class UP. The bonus an Employee gets with every awakening are the following:

Awakening Rank Clerics Magicians Other Classes Amount of Stars
1st Rank PIE +5 M. ATT +5 P. ATT +5 1*-3*
2nd Rank HP +50 HP +50 HP +50 4*
3rd Rank PIE +10 M ATT +10 P. ATT +10 5*
4th Rank HP +100 HP +100 HP +100 6*
5th Rank PIE +30 M. ATT +30 P. ATT +30 7*