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1 (社長室) President's Office
2 (施設) Facilities
3 (社員) Employees
4 (編成) Formation
5 (引継) Inherit
6 (クエスト) Quest

Main Screen - ItemsEdit

Item page description

Main Screen - MissionEdit

The top section is Main Mission.

The middle section is Daily Mission.

The bottom section is Weekly Mission.

Main Screen - RecruitEdit


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1 Free recruit daily at 4AM (GMT+9)

Additional recruitment for that day costs ten Employee Stones.

You can only choose one employee from the four employee letters.

Black Recruit Letters is from an employee with 3 stars or above.

Main Screen - GiftmailEdit

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Gift are usually received each day from server, which contains shine stone, hammer, or post box.


HQ: Show list of President's skill & Maximum limit of employees. Increasing the level of the HQ increases your employee limit. You can also spend shine stones to increase this limit further, however it is best to wait until your HQ is at the highest available level.

Storage: Manages resource regeneration per 3 minutes and allows the purchase of resources with shine stone. INT increases bread regeneration while STR increases the others.

Smithy: Crafting items. DEX increases the chance of crafting good weapons while LUK increases the chance of good armour and accessories. It is unknown whether this makes it easier to get +3, or if this makes it easier to get multiple bonus stats.

PR: A building that allows for better recruitment. Leveling this building up will slightly increase your chances of receiving an employee of higher rarity. At high levels, this building will also allow you to specify what class you're looking for to increase the chance of that specific class.

Facilities - Function, Assign, & Level up Edit

Assign & lvl up & function
Facility Function:

HQ function - Show list & detail of President skills

Storage function - Allows the purchase of resources with Shine Stones

Smithy function - Craft items.

PR - Specify what class you're looking for in recruitment.

Assign: Put your employee in slot (Assigned employee can't be used in combat, be inherited, or be dismissed). Unlock extra slots with 1 shine stone per slot (10 per slot for PR building).

In storage - assigned employee increases refilling resource per minute. increase rate depends on class & level of employee

In smithy - assigned employee increases chance of getting higher grade item

Level up: Consume resource, gold, and time. You can immediately finish leveling up by 1 shine stone. You can't take assigned employee out while leveling up. Level max 20

Level up HQ - increases maximum limit of employee and learn new President's skill every 5 level.

Level up storage - Increases resource regeneration rate as well as maximum resource cap.

Level up smithy - Improves the chance of crafting higher quality equipment.

Level up PR - Allows you to be specific with your recruitment and increases the chances of receiving employees of higher rarity.

Facilities - HQ President skillEdit

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President skill

Lv1 - Team ATK up 1 turn (50PW)

LV5 - Team DEF up 1 turn (50PW)

LV10 - Resurrect all & heal all full HP (100PW)

LV20 - Team always Critical hit 1 turn (100PW)

Facilities - Storage Resource rateEdit

Image Increased resource regen is based on the total STR/INT of all assigned employees. INT increases bread regen, while STR increases wood, stone and iron regen.
class (Lv30) bread others
archer 7 7
soldier 7 9
rogue 7 10
ronin 7 11
warrior 7 12
fighter 8 11
cleric 10 8
mage 12 7

Facilities - Smithy CraftingEdit

Crafting consumes resource, gold and sometimes require material.

Recipe gives more crafting list

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Recipe from episode 1 gives equipment grade 1

same case as episode 4 will give equipment grade 4

Different effect when finish crafting indicates rarity. Common = no bonus. Uncommon = 1 bonus stat. Rare = 2 bonus stat. Rainbow = 3 bonus stat

Enhancement bonus weapon (+1, +2, +3) : If you are lucky, sometimes weapon comes out with enhancement, see the icon of item. Enhanced weapon has ATK more than normal and has more effective skill.

+1 upgrade front row skill.

+2 upgrade both front & back row skills.

For Magician: +1 skill stay the same.

+2 upgrade both front & back row skills.

For Cleric: +1 & +2 skills stay the same but more MATK.

For more information, see main article for Facilities.


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Lock : Prevents employees from being accidentally scrapped or used as material for Inheritance.
Class up : Increases employee number of stars (increase max level by 10). Employees must meet certain requirements. Ex: For one ★ employees, max level (level 10) and 1 stones are required.
Rank : Number of sphere shows maximum limit of rank. Rank increases when the SAME employee is used as inherited material and got stat up Ex: ATK+5
Dismiss: Exchanges your employee for a class-up stone according to their class rank (Employee's are lost in the process).

Employees - StatsEdit

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HP - Employee health, if the hp reaches 0 your employee no longer is able to fight and will be removed from the sortie.
STR - Increases the damage of physical attack.
VIT - Increases the physical defense.
AGI - Increases evasion and employee attack order (Employee with the highest agility will attack first).
DEX - Increases critical chance(?), critical damage(?) and accuracy.
INT - Increases magic attack and magic defense.
PIE - Increases magic defense and magic recovery (healing).
LUK - Increases evasion and critical chance(?)


  • HP - Health Points
  • STR - Strength
  • VIT - Vitality
  • AGI - Agility
  • DEX - Dexterity
  • INT - Intelligence
  • PIE - Piety
  • LUK - Luck

Employees - Leader StrategyEdit

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Leader Strategy (English)


Go for the Leader! - Employees will focus on killing the Leader/Boss first. After killing Leader/Boss, enemies will be targeted randomly.
Go for the Peppy One! - Employees will focus on killing enemies with the most HP.
Go for the Wounded One! - Employees will focus on killing enemies with the least HP.
Take Down the Tough One! - Employees will focus on killing the highest rank enemies.
Crush the Weaklings! - Employees will focus on killing the lowest rank enemies.
Stop the AoE attacks! - Employees will focus on killing enemies with AoE attacks.
Cover the Rear! - Employees will focus on killing enemies attacking the backline.

Stop their Spells! - Employees will focus on killing enemies with magic attacks.
Put Down the Healer! - Employees will focus on killing enemy healers.
Just Go Get 'Em! - Employees will attack enemies randomly.

Employees - Class upEdit

Class up : Increases employee number of stars (increase max level). Employees must meet certain requirements. Ex: For one ★ employees, max level (level 10) and 1 stone are required.

There are 3 choice depend on the stone material you choose, No stat different in each choice

Employees - ScrapEdit

Dismiss: Exchanges your employee for a stone according to their type and class (Employee's are lost in the process).

★ for 1 small stone

★★ for 3 small stones

★★★ for 1 medium stones

★★★★ for 2 medium stones

For more information, see main article for Employees.


Team strategy is decided by leader

For more information, see the Formation section on the Combat article.


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Employee chosen as material will be disappear. Main employee will get exp.

if material is the same character (same face) as main employee, main employee's rank is up and get bonus stat, which is represented by an orb in her status screen. You can only fill the orb once per inheritance.

Cost per material in inheritance depend on main employer's level.

Not suggest to use inherit to get exp, cost much , not worthy

For more information, see main article for Inherit.


First clear of any new quest will reward you 1 shine stone

Detail on quest

page1 - quest

page2 - monster list

Quest - EventEdit

Event quest changes everyday at 00.00 Japanese time
Mon Soldier and Magician class stones
Tue Warrior and Fighter class stones
Wed Cleric and Rogue class stones
Thu Archer and Ronin class stones
Fri Gold, Resources and coin bags
Sat Recipes
Sun Materials
Mon 12:30  AM Exp 20:00 PM
Tue 12:30 AM Gem 22:00  PM Exp
Wed 12:30  AM Exp 19:00  PM Gem
Thu 12:30  AM Gem 21:00  PM Exp
Fri (Gold) 12:30  AM Gem 22:00  PM Exp
Sat (Recipe) 12:30  AM Exp 19:00  PM Gem
Sun ( Materials ) 12:30  AM Exp 21:00  PM Gem

For more information, see main article for Quests.


Combat is in auto mode. Employees take action according to team strategy and use skill depend on their formation (front or back row).

enemy can't attack back row if front row still exist. Though there are some exceptions such as bat and banshee

President skill effects all employee and consumes PW gauge by the skill require

PW gauge regenerates over time even if you don't log in

when combat longer than 100 turns. you will be ask to continue(left) or retreat(right).

For more information, see main article for Combat.


text here

For more information, see main article for Resources.


text here

For more information, see main article for Equipment.

Shine stoneEdit

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Get: Clear new main quest, Clear new event quest, Complete main mission, Complete weekly mission, Giftmail

Use: Recruit (10), Speed up leveling up facility (1), Unlock slot in facility (1 or 10 for PR), Buy resource (1:500), Refill PW gauge (5), Resurrect lost combat (2)


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Tips from the thing running below game screen

Weapon appearance in combat varies with changing the weapon!

Leader of "strategy" becomes team in the "strategy"!

a large button on the upper left,  go back to the Office of the President at any time!

Do not forget to receive a reward in the "Mission" screen!

Let's strengthen the employees in the inheritance! It is possible to grow efficiently!

Increasing the level of the “HQ", the upper limit of the number of employees will increase!

lapse of time can be supplemented with "Shine Stone“

When you inherit the same employees, growth a bonus awakening!

Do not give up if you lose ! Can be resurrected with "Shine Stone"!

Equipment can be changed in the "employees" screen I  Do not forget to equip!

Employees' skills change with weapons you have equipped, in the front or back row!

By the click of employees screen "key icon", it is possible to protect the important employees!

Conversation Quest can "fast forward". It's also faster battle If you press during the battle!

Equipment can be produced from the recipe. Let's go to the “Smithy” When you get!

Leader of the first teams is displayed girls of president's office. Try poking her!

I found once "recipe" does not go away no matter how many times using! I make a lot of equipment!

Class equipment can be equipped with same class employee. But, Accessories can be equipped with anyone!

Once daily, it is possible to employ employees. I try using the "Shine Stone" If you want to adopt more!

Let's use the "president skill" Once at a pinch! Can be recovered in "Shine Stone" with the lapse of time "president PW gauge"!

If have any questions, see Tutorial: FAQ or ask the community.