If you want to play on Japanese server. You will need a DMM account in order to access any of its service, including games. Head over to the DMM website and register an account first if you haven't got one.

For Official English server, Head over to Nutaku website and register an account if you haven't got one.

Existing accounts that have already played other DMM games can also play Kanpani. There is no limitation on how many games can by played using a single account . Also applied to Nutaku website too.

However, Player's data from DMM website cannot transfer to Nutaku website.

Bypass Country RestrictionsEdit

Most of the services offered by the DMM website is restricted to Japan-use only. Foreign access will yield an Error Area page. In order to bypass this, there are certain techniques that can be done. Do not fear this process since it is very easy even for beginners.

Here are existing guides, mostly from wikias of other games that came before:

The techniques mentioned in the above guides also work with Kanpani and once set, you'll be able to access the game directly.